Questions and answers to Dustin

About the sport

+What did you think of motocross racing in 2013?
WOW…..CRAZY! it was crazy how Villipoto dominated pretty much everything.

+What do expect from the 2013 motocross season?
I think that if James Stewart does make mistakes or get hurt, he will be the guy to beat in Supercross racing. I think that Ryan Villipoto will be the guy to beat in the outdoor motocross series.

+Who is your toughest competition?
 There are a lot of fast local 85cc riders that are in my age group like Jeremy Ryan, Max Vohlhand, Hunter Cross, and some of the best in the nation like Stilez Robertson and Pierce Brown.

+What are you long term goals?
It is hard to know at this age, but right now I would just like to make it to the professional level and be succesful like some of my motocross racing heros 

About Dustin

+Favorite track
That is a tough one, there are so many good tracks! I guess my favorite track would be a tie between MMX main track in Marysville and the Hollister Hills GP Track.   

+Best memory in racing
In my short racing career, I would have to say so far, that my best memory in racing has to be racing and finishing 5th in the 2011 Monster Energy Mammoth Nationals on my 50cc bike. It was such a neat place to race,  and me and my dad had gone into the race weekend knowing that this was going to be my last big race on 50cc motorcycles. I was able to race with some of the best mini riders in the nation such as Stilez Robertson, Max Miller, Dilan Schwartz, Ethan Mann. I was able to put together 3 solid motos and to finish 5th was great!!!  

+Favorite rider
I have more than just one favorite rider! but I will try and narrow it down to one in each pro class. I would have to say that my favorite 250cc rider right now is Pro Circuits Blake Bagget, and my favorite 450cc rider right now in KTMs Ryan Dungey.  

+Racing heroes
My hero in motocross/supercross would have to be Jeremy Mcgrath. He was one of the most popular american champions in motocross/supercross in the history of the sport. He won 72 supercross races and seven supercross championships!!! I hope to be that successful of these days.  

+Pre-race rituals
I dont have any pre race rituals (yet!)  

+Goals for the 2013 seaon
I would obviously like to win as many races as possible, but also just continue to find speed and work on technique to be able to run at the front of whatever race we attend. Oh and one last thing…..try not to get hurt :-)