2013 Transworld / Muscle Milk Spring Cup Series Champion

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This was the first time that the Transworld / Muscle Milk Race Series had come to northern California, since it has been mostly a southern California tradition. We were excited to run the series which usually has great turnouts at their events.

After four rounds of competitive racing in the first annual Transworld / Muscle milk  Nor Cal Spring Cup Series, I was able to win the 85cc 9-11 year old championship and came a close second in the 85cc open standings :-)

Probably the hardest round of the series for me was the Club Moto race in Livermore, because I was sick that weekend. Lucky for me some of the kids that showed up to run that round weren’t running the entire series, so I didn’t lose to many points even though I didn’t have the best race results.

The best round was the last one at 408MX, I knew going into the race that there was one rider (a couple years older than me) that I needed to finish in front of in order to win the 85cc open championship. I wasn’t able to beat him, but we had some great motos and I did finish right behind him in the race and in the points. I will get him next time :-)

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