2013 CMC TransCal Series 85cc Novice and 85cc Champion

Posted by Dusty - December 10, 2013 - Dustin Renteria - No Comments

Level 5 Motorsports sponsored rider Dustin Renteria once again found away to prove that he had what it took to win not only one, but two championships during the last round of the CMC TransCal Series this past weekend.

The conditions for the final round were bordering on unbearable as the temperatures had dropped to well below average, and to make matters worse the cold temperatures were accompanied by 20 mph winds. There had also been rain on the Friday night / Saturday morning which also made the track conditions challenging for the practice day, limiting ¬†time to for Dustin to familiarize himself with a track he hadn’t had a bunch of laps at previously.

Through all this adversity, Dustin was able to decisively win the 85cc Novice class motos on the day, which allowed him to solidify the championship in the 85cc Novice class. Dustin’s consistency in finishing ¬†3rd overall on the day, also allowed him to also lock up the series championship in the 85cc class.

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